There's no better place to buy land than in Southwest GA, and Matt Bennett, owner of Bennett Real Estate Company in Thomasville GA knows land and everything that goes into buying a piece of property. It took years to figure out his niche, and over the years it became land, but it wasn't just because of real estate, it's because that's who he is. Matt's father, brother, and brother-in-law have all owned land, managed land, and farmed the land. This is a very special place south Georgia, not just Thomasville, but our region. Thomasville one of the more special places to live. One thing that kind of sets Thomasville apart is what people have done before us. In Thomasville we've been fortunate to have a lot of families own a good bit of privately held land. And it's all been for a purpose of hunting or fishing. Therefore you get generation and generation of of good stewardship of our land.

If you're buying one of these properties, you definitely want to get representation. If you are looking to buy or sell land in Georgia, give Matt Bennett a call at 229.221.5683

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